Soren Andrews

In 2007, Adrial Torres Became Soren Andrews. Having An Upbringing Involving Many Different Genres And Styles Of Music, He Quickly Became Interested In A Certain Style Of Music. His Oldest Brother, Also A Dj In The Early To Mid 90's, Introduced Him To Bands Such As Depeche Mode, Ice House, Robert Miles, And New Order To Name A Few. Although Soren Had Interest In All Genres Of Music, The Electronic Style Stuck With Him. After Obtaining His Own Styles Of Music, Soren Quickly Found Trance At The Young Age Of 13 In 2002. As Most People Were Latching On To This New Sub Genre of Electronic Music, Soren Had No Idea That This Would One Day Be A Big Part Of His Life.

Soren's mix of INTOXICATED blew me away.His production techniques and creativity are amazing in someone only 20 years old! This guy will go all the way and this mix will go all the way to the dancefloor.LOVE IT SOREN YOU ARE ONE WICKED FELLA!