Sophia Lolley

Taking a break from his dance roots Paul James takes an experimental departure to collaborate with the amazing vocalist 'Sophia Lolley" of pop duo "I like it electric".

"TONIGHT" is a wonderfully crafted chilled groove combining Sophia's excellent songwriting and vocal skills with Paul's sleek production. Blending lush vocals with hints of Kate Bush and Annie Lennox this track soothes and flows over you, growing and growing as it flows.Taken from the New album Paul James Experiments "TEST TUBE CREATIONS" OUT NOW this shows a new direction and calling for James and a sweet taste of things to come.

Lots more Collabs planned with the lovely Sophia!!

Paul has also remixed Sophia's band "I Like It Electric's",brilliant 'Do You Want To Or Not' and his mix will feature on the release of New York Dance Label Peace Bisquit!

About Sophia Lolley

I LIKE IT ELECTRIC is Sophia Lolley (but everyone calls her Lolley) and Geoff Hornsby. I LIKE IT ELECTRIC are making their debut on the wildly renowned Brooklyn, NY-based record label 'Peace Bisquit' (Ultra Nate', Jody Watley, Cazwell, Amanda Lepore) where they are about to release their first single "Pursue" and a 5-song e.p. together.

Sophia and Geoff met through 'C Side trax' a very cool UK record company where they were working on separate projects. Sophia has worked with many artistes previously as she' had been championed to front groups like Groove Armada and Sneaker Pimps and writing with James taylor (JTQ). Although Sophia liked these bands, she didn't want to be confined and preferred finding a collaborator to develop her own distinct sound. And as Moose from C Side Trax exclaims "What Sophia Lolley wants, Sophia Lolley gets!" Geoff had had many releases on C Side Trax as Jonny Alpha and built up a name for himself amongst club DJs as a phenomenal programmer.

Sophia had one limited released on C Side Trax with the progressive beatmeisters Bentley Rhythm Ace. The BRA boys loved what Sophia did so much they re-recorded the original music, The song, "Angel Face" made waves in England where it had great support on Radio 1, Kiss FM and other major radio stations, it was also on the many DJ top 10. Sophia and Geoff connected on a musical level and formed I LIKE IT ELECTRIC which is sexy, punky disco pop amassing the many influences of Sophia and Geoff which range from funk to '60's psychedelia; from The Small Faces to Pet Shop Boys.

Their distinct and inviting sound is defined by their arresting textured beat soundscapes and Sophia's melodies and vocals - which bring to mind a cross between a prim Doris Day and avant Nancy Sinatra utilizing a dramatic alternation between song and speech. The group have recently adopted the descriptive tag of 'slutty lounge' for lack of a better description. Peace Bisquit will be releasing 'Pursue' featuring remixes from The Cuban Brothers, Richard Morel, Craig C and more.

I LIKE IT ELECTRIC will hit the media with a set of gorgeous images. I LIKE IT ELECTRIC are set to make big waves on the scene with no holds barred and fierce grooves. TURN IT UP!