Paul James Remixes

This Section  features Paul James Remix projects old and new including mixes of his own and featured artist tracks.
Primarily a Producer/Songwriter of original material Paul also turns his hand to remix work and has mixed for various artists and labels over the years. Following a huge surge of Club and Radio play of Paul James unreleased bootlegs in the early noughties where Kylie, Britney, Madonna, Diana Ross, Rozalla, Whitney Houston, Randy Crawford and Tina Turner all got the club treatment Paul was then commissioned to remix for several labels including Major Universal, and various independants.

Paul went on to mix for up and coming artists Ella Montclare, Leon Lopez, Kevin East, Tino Costa, Anthony Defina and many.many more. Leon Lopez went to number 2 in the Music Week Club Charts with Paul James remixes of 'Love Got In The Way'in 2007. More recently he mixed for Pakistani Music Award Winner 'Annie Princess' who performed to his mix of one of her hit records at the awards in 2008. Several Paul James Remixes hit the club charts worldwide in 2008.

The work keeps pouring in and he has remixed for US labels PEAK HOUR, NEUROTIC GROOVE, PEACE BISQUIT & ALLIANCE MUSIC GROUP, UK LABELS BEAT MONKEY, AXIS TRAX & JIANI RECORDS,and many others. Artists getting the Paul James treatment today include Mariah Carey, Taboo Logik & Alison Limerick, Tosch, Carol Jiani, rap artist E.N.V, Reed Mc Gowan, Melody Boytoy, Miz Mandy, TOAK ft SJ, I like it Electric and Tania Mashay not too mention all the featured artists in the Paul James Productions Camp!


Empulse (Reed Mc Gowan & Zhana)- Fight The People
(Paul James Remix)

Melody 'Love 1 Day'
(Paul James Electronic Strings Mix)
Axis Trax

Yury Kabakov ft Tania Mashay - 'Places With My Voice'
(Paul James Club Mix) (8025 Alliance Music Group)

I LIKE IT ELECTRIC - 'Do.You.Want.To.Or.Not'
(Paul James Club Mix)
(Peace Bisquit)

Paul James ft Donna Hidalgo - 'Frequency'

Paul James ft Ms M - 'My Pain' (Original Pulse edit)

Ella Montclare - I Surrender
(Paul James Club Mix)

E.N.V - Please Dont Cry
(Paul James Club Mix)

Carol Jiani & Evelyn Thomas - 'Are You Man Enough'
(Jiani Records)

DJ Christian ft Carol Jiani - 'No More'
(Paul James Funky Chilled Mix)

Anthony Defina - 'If You Want My Love'
(Paul James Dirty Tribal Mix)

Anthony Defina - 'Best of Anthony Defina'
(Paul James MegaMix)

DJ Christian - 'Turn Back Time'
(Paul James Club Mix)

FUSION REMIXED VOLUME 1 (Paul James Productions)

Carol Jiani - Text Sex (Paul James Beach Club Mix)
Donna Hidalgo - Love Overloaded (Paul James Funky Club Mix)
Sonic Monkey - Too Late For Sorry (Paul James Club Mix)
Stella Marie - Computer Generation (Paul James Future Club  Mix)

FUSION REMIXED VOLUME 2 (Paul James Productions)

Kaitie Thomas  - Chemistry (Paul James Club Mix
Donna Hidalgo - 'Frequency' (Paul James BASSBUMPIN MIX)

FUSION REMIXED VOLUME 3 (Paul James Productions)

Zoe Alexzandra - Mystery (Paul James Club Mix)
Laura Cyganik - Dirty Boy (Paul James Mean & Moody mix)
Rosey Space -  Odyssey (Paul James Club Mix)
Stella Marie - Solar System (Paul James Euro Club mix)
Donna Hidalgo & Zoe Alexandra - No Competition (Paul James Club Mix)

FUSION EXCLUSIVES MIXES (Paul James Productions)

Kaitie Thomas - I Wanna Go Back (Paul James Club Mix)
Carol Jiani - Radioactive Love (Paul James Electro Club Mix)
Intoxicated ft Laura Cyganik (Paul James Club Mix)


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