Paul Rein

Paul worked an amazing arrangement to 'Devil On My Side' ft Stella Marie bringing it straight onto the Dancefloor with his clever use of riffs and Vocals. Looking forward to working more with such an incredible producer,

Paul was a pop star back in Sweden 1986. He released 4 albums, writing and producing. -I was always working in the studio, Paul says. I could not rest from the fact that there was always something new I could learn. He also did a lot of touring around Sweden with fans following him where ever he was playing.

At the peak of his career, spring 1986 he did a spectacular one man show tour, with big video screens on stage playing videos to illustrate every song from his successful debut album "Communicate". It was debated in several Swedish newspapers if this was the scary future of live music! The fans of course loved it.

After many tours and hard work in the studio, Paul felt he had nothing more to give. - I was swallowed by fame, Paul says, I could not do normal things like going to the post office or take the subway without people noticing me. It was time to take a timeout.

Paul left his pop star career behind and started to work with radio jingles and radio id’s for several radio stations in Sweden. - That has taught me a lot about radio, Paul says. Suddenly I realised how people working with radio are thinking about songs. Paul worked with jingles for 7 years, but never left the idea of someday becoming a successful songwriter. - After all, the love of music is what keeps me going.

1998 Paul signed with music publisher Chrysalis worldwide, and came up with his first song to the Chrysalis office. It was a song called “Come On Over”. -I remember the executive director went crazy! He absolutely loved the song and was jumping up and down! A week later he called Paul and said he had got a cut with the song in the USA with a unknown girl (at that time) called Christina Aguilera on RCA. The album went no 1. “Come on Over” was released as the fourth single from Christina’s debut album, and stayed number 1 in four weeks. - It changed my situation overnight, Paul remembers. Suddenly people would actually LISTEN to my songs.

Paul stayed with Chrysalis for 7 more years with many more cuts to follow. In 2005, Paul started his own publishing and music company, Redlox music. -It feels great, like I’m starting all over again. I’m not new to this game, and I know what hard work lies ahead. But my aim has always been to write better and better songs.