Georgie Swan

Georgie Swan slick and sexy vocals feature on the hypnotic slice of electro pop 'Blow My Mind' from the featured Artist Album 'Test Tube Creations' OUT NOW. He has perfomed this new sound out in his live sets to raptuous applause and I see Georgie going places with this one.

Its been an absolute pleasure working with a guy so talented,yet so gracious and grounded and hope we can collaborate more in the future

About Georgie Swan

When London born Brit singer-songwriter, Georgie Swan flew to Vancouver in November 2008 to work with Producer Jeff Dawson and Mixer Mike Fraser, he knew something good was about to happen.

“We clicked creatively and musically straight off.

I had admired Jeff..s work and I had it on my radar about working with a top producer. He was the perfect choice”. Jeff had such amazing versatility having produced for artists such as Aerosmith ,White snake, AC /DC, and Daniel Powter, (stunning international success and multi-platinum selling Bad Day).

Both Georgie and Jeff had 17 of Georgie's songs to choose the first track from, for their first collaboration. “We chose “Crazy”. I wanted to work on a more up-tempo track with Jeff.” Georgie..s soulful and magnetic voice reflects his emotional experiences. “I want people to connect with my music.” he says. “It's like therapy”. “I definitely reach out to people through my music. For me, it’s about the melody first and then I think people can relate to my lyrics. His vocal versatility shines in his music, writing classic pop songs.

“Working with Jeff was brilliant because he likes to focus on a strong chorus and catchy commercial tune.” And “Crazy” has both.

The Vancouver Mushroom studio recording and writing sessions were electric. During intense all day/ night studio sessions, they spent 3 days recording 'Crazy' and Mike mixed. “Mike (Fraser) also loved the track.

The fall of 2008 got intense for Georgie. Just fresh from performing in USA during October at a charity gig, Georgie continued the creative momentum in November and never looked back. As star guest singer at The Dare To Dream Gala aided by the Dyslexia Dreams Foundation ,Georgie wowed Washington DC..S leading political, business and celebrity figures, and national leaders in Dyslexia Education for a one of a kind signature fundraising event.

His voice won the hearts of Hollywood..s A lister's and leading political guests, and was honored with an honoree award from the Dyslexic Dreams Foundation by its President Jami Schwartz and was presented the award by Michael Bacon of The Bacon Bros. One guest was overheard telling Jami “Where did you find him? He..s amazing!.”
Significantly, as Barak Obama was being spectacularly voted into office as the new President elect of the USA, Georgie in Washington performed a stunning set which included he's track 'I believe' a favorite of the dyslexia foundation team.

Georgie's earlier career saw him perform at top London establishments and bling parties, such as London Park Lane. He also lent his talents to charity gigs at the London Palladium and gigs performing in front of 30,000 people. Soon after Georgie was spotted by Jim Doyle music industry writer whose co-production stable included names like Elton John and Sting. Doyle soon had Georgie honing his songwriting skills with tunesmiths EMI and Peer music. At 19 Georgie signed a contract with Reverb Music / XL Talent and East West Records/Warner Bros as lead vocalist in an 80s cover pop-sensation band, Shiny Happy People. After recording their album at London’s top studios, Metropolis, they disbanded due to the real 80s pop bands comeback tours.
A blessing in disguise, at 21, Georgie was then able to focus on his debut solo career. During the evenings and weekends he would hoof it to gigs, and in the days he would spend writing and recording at his own home studio and various other studios with many various collaborations. “I have an album in the making now.” Inspiration for music making, issues out of Georgie..s love for artists such as “En vogue, Neyo, The Brand New Heavies, Justin Timberlake” “ I also love bands like the Rascal Flats …they are absolutely amazing and their songs and lyrics have so much soul and heart.

Being a member of his hometown's high-school Billericay Studio Orchestra, Georgie toured Europe appearing on TV and at the opening of Euro-Disney in Paris and its success gave him the edge to fulfill his dreams to be a successful recording artiste singer-songwriter. Born in Billericay Essex, a beautiful countryside location just outside London in the UK. Georgie’s voice is nothing less than the pure essence of soulful classic pop. -- An energy that can be tapped into by young, old, man, woman and everyone in between. Georgie is poised to become perhaps the new George Michael. And the wait for someone eligible to take his crown, can be justified with Georgie's talent, and the gems in his songwriting vault. The album he is working on captures the brokenhearted balladeer, to the dizzying heights and echoes on the dance floor in “Crazy”. Georgie’s self-assured possession, in the songs, that shoots the tunes up from just another love song to charismatic ear candy that sucks you in, and has hit written all over it.

Georgie Swan gives Brit pop a whole new meaning. IPods no doubt will have "Crazy” on repeat and with the catchy choruses in Gs debut album, this one could move beyond the club to radio.

Georgie is currently jetting between London, Canada and The United States, recording tracks for his debut album, which is set to spawn hit singles. Written and arranged by Georgie, produced by Jeff Dawson and Mixed by Mike Fraser.