Funky Filters

The Funky Filters have worked an incredible Club Remix of 'Missing You' ft Kaitie Thomas which features on the Compilation Album 'Paul James Experiments - Test Tube Creations REMIXED Volume 3'.Details of the Single Release will follow soon.Such a joy to be working with such talent as these guys have taken Missing You firmly onto the Dancefloor whilst still retaining the essence and emotion of the Song,

Funky Filters are 3 friends who are dedicated to a joint project under the alias Funky Filters for its exclusive dancefloor!

Alexdoparis, B-Dou and Luka Dolery!

Luka Dolery started mixing in 2006 and then student parties at various clubs. Luka starts quickly in membership and in 2009 he won two remix contests, "Brian Arc - Vertigo" and "Greg Dorian - Pumpin weddin 'in collaboration with Alexdoparis. His remixes have been supported and playlisted by great DJs such as Laidback Luke, Arno Cost, Tristan Garner, Mickael Kaiser and Twill. His remixes have been played in major clubs such as French Mix Club, Queen, VIP or Red Light, to name a few.

B-Dou, known for the technical quality of his sets, DJ is first before being a producer. His musical culture, its ability to adapt quickly allowed him to play in many clubs as well as lots of student parties. Currently resident Grisy Apple's, it remains a safe bet the dancefloors. In 2009 he embarked on the production and release of "Black Magic" (Rank Yacast and Beatport top 100) with his friend, Twill, and a remix of "La Musica" Liftin Records.

Alexdoparis launched into the mix at the age of 15 ... It starts with galas students to afford a home in Apple's Grisy in 2009. In 2008 he began to produce his first collaboration with Twill (Dance 2 The Music). In the process, he won a remix contest with his friend Luka Dolery (Greg Dorian - Pumpin Weddin). Subsequently, he released his first single "La Musica" (Summer 2009). His titles are supported by many DJs such as Robbie Rivera, Tristan Garner ...


For their first single "Dirty Girl", they chose to make a featuring with Zack, formerly known by the nickname "Funk Buster!