FAKE is a new project born from Sydney hottest talent from all walks of the dance music world.

The brains behind the project are Inverse & Orbit1 - world renown hardcore djs known having remixed for such artists as Watergate, Alphabeat Riva, Dj Seduction and Sharkey. With releases on Nukleuz, Warped Science, Thin n Crispy and countless other hardcore labels and even had tunes featured on Konami's DDR games, their manic energy and studio expertise are in great demand globally.Now married with the song-writing talents of up and coming Lumin8 and the vocal talents of stage performer singer/songwriter Taryn-E,

FAKE aims to infect the world with its fresh beats and summery vibes and unique electro rhythms.

The FAKE guys rocked with MEXSTA on Chemistry and i just LOVE the result,YOU GUYS ROCK BIG TIME!