Delon Brooks

Delon Brooks is so gifted vocally he's amazing.Whilst recording the vocals for 'Your Love' both Stella and I were left almost speechless to the beautiful tones and emotional vunerability in his voice.This shows true dedication and passion for his game and i know Delon will be moving onwards and upwards into the industry.Its been a real honour working with him and i hope to again soon.

'Your Love' is a sublime electro fused beat ballad which showcases both Delon and Stella to great effect.Once heard never forgotten,this one definately gets into your head. US Legendary producer Jake Benson delivers an amazing chilled out remix of YOUR LOVE featured on PULSE REMIXED Volume 1 while Paul James takes the track to the main floor on PULSE REMIXED Volume 3

'Your Love' is due for release soon on PJP

About Delon Brooks

Delon Brooks was born in sunny Durban, South Africa.The second of three children to his mother Claudette with two sisters Biancca and Samantha.Despite having both an English and South African backround it was sunny Durban which would provide the backdrop to his early and teen years.

He went to a catholic school where he was always active with the church choir,plays and other entertainment activities as well as being a promising academic student enjoying subjects like maths and economics. It was only into his teen years where he began to write songs as a hobby and to pass time.
Slowly losing interest in anything academic his artistic skills started developing and so began taking art classes and continued writing songs.

After finishing high school he visited his family in England and decided to explore the big world.After being convinced he should study further to provide himself with a safety net in life he went back to South Africa and enrolled in university and studied a diploma in graphic design and photography.

Even though this enriched his artistic skills he still felt it was not really what he wanted to do.The next move was to relocate to Johannesburg where he signed up with a model agency and started doing tv. commercials,print and shows.He quickly got to grips with a new city and made friends fast enjoying the challenges of a new fast paced city.

He later moved to Cape Town to further his modelling but found it far too fickle and difficult to keep up with the everchanging international market.He returned to his first love "music" and quickly recorded a cover demo hoping to grab some vocal work, but this proved rather difficult as he was not what the South African market was all about.He was neither an indie grunge band,neither was he an african kwaito rambler.

He packed his bags and returned to the U.K. to see his family.This time he would stay and soon moved to London where he started rounds on the auditioning circuit. He made it into a boyband with Explosive Records but this band did not see light of day and soon went bust.

He started to focus on dance music influenced by his many nights of clubbing, and recorded tracks with Ghostnoterecording and Soho Electric studios.These dance tracks ie,"The Reason" and "Vibin" received airplay on independant radio stations within the Midlands and surrounding areas.

He is continuing to pursue his music career and is currently in music videos of Corinne Bailey Rae and Fergie(black eyed peas) as well as feature film "The Golden Age" His aim is to create an album with meaning,soul,love,beauty and inspiration.To use the power of voice and lyric to make a positive change in the world and to make it a better place for us all.