Byron Gilliam

Byron Gilliam has once again done me proud with a deliciously dirty mix of 'Wet Dreams 2K11' His Remix of 'Unconsciousness' is also incredible with its progressive,hypnotic beat and dark undertones.'He also remixed 'Taken' for Peak Hour Music and a wonderful dub mix of 'Too Late for Sorry' for the Fusion Remixed Project. Looking forward to more killer Mixes, love working with you.

Byron Gilliam was first turned on to house music in 1992 when driving with his brother down highway 1 just south of San Francisco Ca. when they stumbled upon what is now known as the now legendary SF Bay Area "Full Moon Gatherings". Producing since 2004, his hypnotically driving and dark  electronic progressive house sound can be heard throughout the underground scene and in clubs across the globe.

Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area  and now residing in Las Vegas has helped shape his sound through contrast in environments.With his signature West Coast progression and a few hot recent remixes under his belt for the UK's song writer/electronic musician Paul James, Byron Gilliam is definitely one house music Producer/DJ to keep your eye on, today into tomorrow.